About Us


We Are An Employee Owned Salon & Spa

Our business model is unique to the beauty industry in that we are an employee owned salon & spa. Every member of our staff has the opportunity to become an owner.

The Employee Owned Difference

As an employee owned salon & spa each member of our team is dedicated to providing you with a great experience. 

True Professionals

Each one of our employee owned staff members are truly professional in their chosen  field. They stay current on beauty trends and training.


Our employee owned members are a team. They are always ready to assist each other. They understand it takes teamwork to be the best.

The Future

Being an employee owned salon & spa allows us to determine our own future. It provides each employee owner with security in knowing they are part of something successful and bigger than themselves.

Our Clients

We appreciate the men and women who are our clients. They are the lifeblood of our salon & spa.  Each time you refer a  friend to our salon and spa you help us to grow. We truly thank you for your support.