Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush Tan What To Expect

 When arriving for your spray tan, we recommend wearing loose, dark clothing.

We always want you to feel prepared. You have the option to wear 

undergarments while receiving a spray tan and some people prefer to go naked to avoid tan lines.

When receiving an airbrush tan, you’ll be sprayed by a professional spray tan artist.  When the solution is sprayed onto your skin it may be slightly cool.

The spray tan application takes approximately 6-8 minutes.  We recommend that clients do not get wet after their spray tan. No showering, swimming or working out for at least 8 hours. 

Your spray tan will last 5-7 days if cared for properly.

Don’t tan too frequently or over-apply tanning products. Doing so will dry your skin and too many applications can give your skin the unwanted orange.

Don’t apply when your skin is noticeably dry. Drier areas of the skin tend to absorb the tan more and will appear orange.

Avoid using budget brand sunless self-tanning products as they use lower-quality ingredients that do not balance your skin or produce a quality tan.